So my very first blog post was about my lighted makeup case. I’ll remind you here…


So, it came yesterday, BUT it is not the one I ordered! It is a cheaper one that I thought about getting but decided not too. I have waited almost 2 weeks to get this. I’m waiting for Makeup Artist Network to get back with me. A little bump in the road.
Thing is I saved money for this, it isn’t cheap! I want the best, don’t we all?!

Hope you have a great hair day!


Excuse Me If I Stare…

You have the cutest Hair!!


My client Kim CAN wear short hair. And she wears it well! Not only does she have a gorgeous, natural color, it’s so incredibly thick! Kim has gone from long to pixie, she can wear it all! Don’t we wish?!

Right now Kim is growing the front area out, after having a very short pixie for quite a while. She is doing great, her hair grows so quickly! We used Redken Hardware 16 Super Sculpting Gel and Biolage Matte Pliable Paste, and finished with Kenra Spray. Love the finished look!







Biolage Advanced Haircare

So excited that Biolage has come out with a sulfate free line of shampoos, conditioners and treatments.



Matrix Biolage has come out with a new line of sulfate free, paraben free, and salt free shampoo and conditioner. Salt can be deadly for people with curly hair, it swells the cuticle and poof! Kind of like what it does to my body after Mexican food! I have used Pureology shampoos and conditioners exclusively for about 5 years. All the Pureology Haircare line is sulfate free. As a result my clients color retention is better. I want the best on my clients heads! Downside is it’s expensive and I get that. It’s hard to spend $25-$30 on shampoo and conditioner!
I am really excited that Biolage has come out with this line! It’s cheaper than Pureology and in my humble opinion just as good or better! I just want them to come out with a Volumizing shampoo.

Keratindose is for overprocessed hair. You know hair like mine that is hi lighted a LOT! Love this shampoo. The smell is the same as the regular Biolage shampoos.

Fiberstrong is for weak, fragile hair. If used as a system, it will fill in the gaps in the cuticle of the hair and make it stronger. Wish I could use it on my body!

Repairinside is for damaged breaking hair. Fortified with Soy + Arginine. It helps repair dry, damaged hair.

All of these systems come with a deep conditioner, yay! And the Fiberstrong and Repairinside smell divine! They are different from the original Biolage line.
Hope you take great care of your hair and hope you have a good hair day!

Coming Soon!!

In November 2014 I will be offering makeup sessions. This is so exciting because makeup is where I started in this business. I just became so busy doing hair that I forgot about my first love! Don’t be silly and think I’m giving up my hair business, that would be ridiculous.  I’m just adding to it. I’ve been asked so many times through the years to do makeup for weddings, and proms. I haven’t decided what I will offer but I will have it all worked out by Nov 1 2014.  Below is my new portable makeup case, with lights! I haven’t received it yet from Amazon, wish it would hurry up!