Hair – true or false?

If you’re growing out your hair, don’t cut it. T or F

Hair grows 1/2 per month, perfectly. T or F 

You don’t have to use different shampoo on processed (colored, hi lighted) hair. T or F 

You have to wash your hair every day. T or  F

Naturally curly hair is cut the same as naturally straight hair. T or F

All hair sprays are created equal. T or F

Professional hair products are the same as drugstore products. T or F

My hairstylist just wants to make money with hair products in her salon. T or F


If your growing your hair out it does need a trim. There’s a difference in the term cut and trim. But a trim is also just a cut. BUT , if your growing your hair longer get a 1/4 inch or less cut off. You might want to schedule out longer times between cuts. But do get it ‘trimmed’ just not a lot. It will grow and look healthy when it reaches the length you want. 
Hair is supposed to grow 1/2 inch per month. I would say with lots of experience, this is absolutely false. Who makes these things up? I suppose it’s an ‘average’ estimate. My hair grows 1/4 inch a month, I have clients that grow an inch a month, no kidding. If you and your stylist know how fast or slow your hair grows, it will make for a perfect relationship.
Shampoo. It seems the one product that people get so confused about. It is very true that processed, or colored hair needs a specific shampoo. Bottom line is this. Processing your hair with any kind of color opens the cuticle. Lightning your hair opens the cuticle even more. The cuticle doesn’t do well when it’s open. Except for those that like fried hair. The solution then is to close the cuticle up as much as possible. It allows for better color retention and less breakage in colored hair. Shampoos for processed hair should be in the acid/neutral range. Most all professional shampoo for colored hair have these ranges. Shampoo at the drugstore is either alkaline (bad) or really alkaline ( really bad). That is why it’s cheaper. It’s also watered down. That’s what you’re paying for. Nice. 
It’s true that you don’t have to wash your hair everyday and it’s false. If your hair and scalp are dry 1-2 days are a good if your hair is oily everyday is needed. Did you know the longer you let your hair go without washing a buildup of dead skin and product happens? It can also cause scalp issues if you don’t wash your hair enough. Believe me, I see this everyday. 
Naturally curly hair is cut totally different than straight hair. Curly hair has bounce, if it’s cut with too much tension it will shrink up 1-2 inches. Not kidding. It’s best to get a hairstylist with much experience cutting curls. Trust me, been there, done that.
All hairspray’s are not created equal. Aresol sprays give a lot more volume. Their great to spray all through the hair before curling. Pump sprays are great for short spiky hair, and as a finishing spray. Pump sprays are more concentrated. 
Professional products are not the same as drugstore products. The ingredients and the results are different. They may be cheap but that doesn’t mean their good. I understand that some clients don’t want to spend their money on hair products. Ask your stylist for a good alternative, or watch for sales. You’re worth it!
It’s true that we ( hairstylists) make a living selling retail products. It’s part of our income. But it’s also the best for our clients. We know your hair, we know what you want it to do. We work with our products all day. We know what works and what doesn’t. Trust the professional.

Hope this has been informative. I get asked questions everyday, these are usually the most frequently asked questions. If you have any questions about your hair comment below. 

Happy Funday Sunday! 💋


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