I have been curious about MIRABELLA Makeup every time I go to my Beauty Supply. First of all I tend to not like the makeup in beauty supplies. I never like the quality, it seems cheap and overpriced. Second, I am not familiar with some of the brands.

I have tried this brand for the last few months. I must say that I’m surprisingly impressed with the quality and staying power. MIRABELLA is an excellent brand that lives up to the hype.


This eyeshadow is a gorgeous copper color, it is a spongy texture that is easy to apply with just a finger. It dries to a powder finish that does not crease, and it stays on until you take it off! That’s my kind of eyeshadow! I don’t want to reapply all day, just once is fine with me.



There is also a mineral based highlighter. It’s a light pale shimmer. No glitter at all!


There are two new lip glosses. They are long lasting, and just feel great and super moisturizing on your lips. And the company states they have antioxidant protection and anti-aging properties. I say, bring it on! We all need a bit of anti-aging!



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